There is a lot in the press at the moment about sustainable transport , e-cars, hybrid cars, hydrogen trains, LNG powered super-tankers, but what about e-bikes. These are gradually gaining profile.

Traditionally used for leisure in hilly areas and for people want the benefit of the outside but struggle with the undulating train, now these are perfect for the city or suburban dweller. An estimated 1.8 million Britons commute more than 3 hours to work in over crowded trains, cramped and stressed conditions. There are plenty of cyclists who commute in the cities, but have the chore of wearing cycling clothing and often in need of a shower on arrival.  As e-bikes can eliminate the strenuous bits, then the need for  specialist clothing and a shower can be alleviated.  Charging times are getting faster , and bikes can charging simply at work without the need for space consuming bays that cars require. For some this could be the perfect commute vehicle, and also recreational vehicle at the weekends.



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