Unique approaches to LEAN and environmental challenges

Our expert team of collaborators will be running a series of workshops around the UK, where we plan to “excite” you with our vision for an ever- growing proportion of sustainable businesses. We will be sharing tools thoughts and insights based on our broad knowledge and experience, and demonstrating ‘what success feels like’ with exercises and thought provoking discussions.

The team has a wealth of experience in consultancy and operations in business, manufacturing and the chemical industry. We also understand, having done it for ourselves, what it takes to turn ideas into results. Our unique knowledge and passion for change will help the key influencers in your organisation drive sustainability by eliminating all types of “waste”, whether it be process, transactional, effluent or energy.

By having the tools and disciplines to gain a greater understanding of where these wastes sit in your organisation / operations, the better you will be placed to challenge them and indeed, reduce them both individually and collectively. The response to these challenges is the “Lean Mindset” which will ultimately drive your sustainable future.

In fact, what’s unique about our approach is that it encompasses LEAN and environmental challenges in a solution that both avoids the inevitable duplication of effort in tackling them individually and leaves a sustainable culture fit for the future.

A good first-step is to sign up for one of our open workshops on the Welcome page and then, If you wish to take it further, we can discuss the consulting and implementation opportunities, either with us individually or as a team, depending on your specific needs. Each individual associated business can deliver powerful results for your business, but by utilising the skills of all 3, the overall results will be considerably more powerful than the sum of the parts.

You can view our individual specialties by clicking the logos on the infographic.



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