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Philippa Stanley MA BSc Soc Env MCIWM AIEMA ACC ICF

Certified Auditor
Certified Business Coach
Environmental Management Pioneer

With a background in environmental management within the automotive sector, Philippa is a highly regarded sustainability trainer who was instrumental in developing the original Project Acorn stepped environmental management programme, now BS8555.

Philippa is passionate about the way people learn to drive action for change towards greater sustainability. Through her development of YouTreeTM the interactive sustainability e-learning programme she hopes that stepped change can be made for individual users, their workplace and supply chains that positively impact lives globally. Throughout her career Philippa has implemented numerous management systems within a broad range of industries including waste, automotive, electricity generation, construction and agriculture.

Formerly a systems Certification auditor for ISO14001, 9001 18001 and as a Certified Business Coach, Philippa brings a refreshing look to the challenges of growth whilst integrating business sustainably in more ways than one.



Eur.Ing. John Cockburn-Evans M.Eng. C.Eng. F.I.Chem.E. ACC ICF

Management ConsultantCertified Professional Coach
NLP Practitioner & ELI Master Practitioner
Lean Practitioner
Production Systems Black Belt
Certified ESOS Lead Energy Assessor.

John is a chartered chemical engineer with 30 years of senior management and operational experience in the chemical and allied industries, performing roles in engineering, maintenance, construction and operations for corporates such as BASF, Total and DuPont.

He has been personally accountable for cultural change and process improvement for these companies, leading major construction projects, and transformational changes within sites.

In 2010 John made the transformation into consultancy, leading production system implementations at large a petrochemical company in Russia (over two years), and Capital Excellence implementations in Ukraine (one year). His experience also includes industries such as Automotive, FMCG, Food, Wind Power, Mining, Rail, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Oil & Gas.
His passion for reducing all types of waste from process to energy was the catalyst in forming the Alliance with Philippa and Paul to develop the synergistic benefits of combining the disciplines of Lean, Sustainability and underpinning culture.

John’s will to win extends beyond his client engagement and when ‘off duty’ he competes on the BRSCC Mazda MX5 championship at race circuits all over the UK.



Paul Clow BSc.

Multi-level Management Experience
Management of Change and Business Improvement Consultant
Project Governance

Paul is a qualified chemist so naturally started his career with ICI in UK. Working in their Paints Division his role evolved into bespoke product development primarily for BMW. On joining DuPont his assignments naturally moved further into the client relationship, product management, marketing and sales role. Spending many years managing businesses, products and teams, Paul was eventually seconded to DuPont’s consulting business with a role split between client management and delivery. His area of specialization and passion was and remains, building powerful networks, influencing people and organizations and getting results.

On leaving DuPont after a 28-year career he joined L&K Group PLC as Chief Executive Officer tasked to change the culture of a 100 year-old company to make and keep it sustainable and competitive in the 21st Century. This was a fixed-term role and his time is now split between helping other businesses manage change and running his own small retail and B2B electric bike business.