Another interesting article below on “Renewables”. It looks as though  there is a stronger move in this direction, and potentially away from Nuclear Fission . People are really thinking about the bigger picture with respect to “Energy”. As always,  there is  a real business driver not just a desire to go “cleaner”, but in this case with the advent of feed-in tariffs, this has really helped the shift in thinking. I read another recent article around how the growth of “renewables” is now also having an impact on research projects such as nuclear fusion research. If we go back to the 80’s  was going to be the  holy grail of energy generation.

From a cultural perspective it is really encouraging  that there is a constant drive for  new ideas /technologies which sits behind lean thinking. Our “Darwinian” Genes are also kicking in around the need for constant change and survival.

Balance of power: Shift toward renewable energy appears to be picking up steam

Renewable Energy Drive in Japan

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