Welcome to “Lean2Sustain”, a new initiative that brings together individuals and businesses that have a common aim to reduce waste, value the environment and drive towards a sustainable business future. Our approach will take your business forward by;

  • Understanding the global and local imperatives for sustainability
  • Demonstrating how these may impact your business now and in the future
  • Giving you hands-on tools, training, practices and structures to deliver visible results, quickly
  • Showing you how to make change stick by demonstrating a sustainable culture in which change is not seen as threatening and LEAN and environmental are an intimate part of businesses and processes not a later adjunct
  • Linking this to bottom line growth and stakeholder values

Embedded workshops will deliver you practical examples on how to achieve this, either independently using your own staff, or with the help of our individual collaborators. Our collaborators are highly qualified and experienced and can give “hands-on” practical help. Please download a synopsis of our half day workshop, and register for an event near you. The events will be instructional and interactive, and will enable you to plan the next steps for your sustainable business.


Forthcoming L2S Events


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